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We the Village: Achieving our Collective Greatness Now

WeTheVillage cvr2.jpg
WeTheVillage cvr2.jpg

We the Village: Achieving our Collective Greatness Now


We the Village: Achieving Our Collective Greatness Now was developed from Ramona Hoage Edelin’s scholarship, teaching, mentoring, policy development, and leadership; and was established on a proven cultural foundation.  In this book she asks, what are the best ways to engage young people in conversations about history and culture, politics and economic, or even music and sports?  In We the Village, Edelin finds that the best strategy for engaged dialogue and increased learning requires a simple get back to basics and “connect the dots” methodology.   This book—designed for educators, students, parents and all who are involved in the nurturing of young people—is meant to help build the foundation for those who will lead what Edelin calls the 21st Century Movement.

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