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Not Our President


Not Our President

NOP cover.jpg
NOP cover.jpg

Not Our President

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“Having spent the past six months—since the stunning election of #45 to the presidency of the U.S.— reading a broad range of analyses concerning “how” and “why,” I am certain about the unparalleled truth-telling of this co-edited volume, NOT OUR PRESIDENT. The veteran writer/publisher Haki Madhubutiand poet/professor Lasana Kazembe have assembled a dazzling array of readings by a multi-racial, multi-generational group who would likely not have appeared between the same two covers under a different set of circumstances. They are professors, poets, politicians, organizers, activists, historians, journalists, rappers, educators, scholars, elders, lefties, nationalists, psychologists, radicals, millennials. They are prolific and award-winning writers…and the sitting mayor of New Orleans.

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