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No One Can Be At Peace Unless They Have Freedom


No One Can Be At Peace Unless They Have Freedom


No One Can Be At Peace Unless They Have Freedom


This book is carefully and strategically wrapped throughout in well-thought out essays, poems, personal thoughts, and lessons for the reader looking for more than top of the head responses like those received from presidents of historically Black colleges and universities who recently with big grins on their faces visited Mr. Trump’s White House. This is a critical document that demands that readers think, rethink, and continue to re-access where we are as Black Individuals, families, communities, organizations, institutions, businesses, scholars and of course, artists. There is little bitterness here; rather, this is a loving reminder and refresher course for veterans of Black Struggle and an urgent call and confirmation for the newly initiated. Most certainly, after the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Laquan McDonald, Philando Castile and countless others—pre and post Charlottesville, Virginia, I find this book over-needed.
imanga is a poet/writer who consciously understands, has been educated within, around, sitting at the knees of Black Elders (his mother and father are two of them), standing at the door of “here I come,” fighting and embracing the one undisputed equalizer in a literate culture, language. He has emerged with mind, body, and soul intact and elevated to become one of the few “cultural scientist” of the first order. He is original in his use and exploration of liberated love language. A language that is poetic and musical, reaffirming that our communication—private and public—must be insightful accounts of self-determination at all levels of human activity.
r. Simanga was instructed and inspired by the artists, scholars and activists of the Black Arts Movement. He pays tribute in this defining text to Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, Ron Milner, Muhammad Ali, Marvin Gaye, Maya Angelou, Aneb Kgositsile and others. He pays special attention to the work of Robert F. Williams and his wife, Mable as well as the revolutionary Haitian Priest, Reverend Gerard Jean-Just. Finally, this book is the right music to help us drain the swamp of the orange intruder, his followers and imitators. Read carefully, take notes, pass on to the young and not so young as quickly as possible. No One Can Be at Peace Unless They Have Freedom is a “think changer” and should be in all personal and public libraries.

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