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Rise Vision Comin (CD)


Rise Vision Comin (CD)


Rise Vision Comin (CD)

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Haki Madhubuti (Don L. Lee) first came in contact with Agyei Akoto Kehembe, Tuck, Ron Anderson, and Aiedo Mamadi in 1971 whileteaching at Howard University. Madhubuti was teaching a course entitled Worldview: Toward a New Consciousness, which attracted many brothers and sisters from the Washington, D.C. community. The music and poetry on this collection is the result of that encounter.

1. We are a Nation 1:13
2. Talking Stick 7:46
3. The Family 1:37
4. Black Woman 9:33
5. Walk the Way of the New World 6:17
6. Collectivity:38
7. Rise, Vision, Comin 12:23
8. Black Man 9:22
9. We Wound Each Other 1:16

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